Clean and care your Espadrilles

Your shoes need care. Hence, we give you some tips on how to clean and care for your DIY espadrilles. After all, you want to have something of your self-designed and homemade espadrilles for a long time. Take care of your espadrilles, then you can wear them as long as possible.

Protect from wet

Thanks to the natural rubber sole, the espadrilles are very resistant and less susceptible to moisture. Nevertheless, espadrilles are summer shoes and not suitable for rainy weather. If the shoes have become wet, you have to give the shoe some time to dry. In no case should the espadrilles into the washing machine, because that would not survive.


In case your espadrilles became dirty, you should clean them as gently as possible. You should avoid too wet cleaning, because sooner or later the water gets into the sole. The sole dries very slowly.

Use a cleaning brush for external cleaning, thus ensuring gentle cleaning. This removes dust, sand and other superficial dirt.

How to clean the upper fabrics

Cork is due to its nature very easy to clean. Dirt stains are best removed with a damp cloth. The material should not be too wet. After cleaning, let the material dry properly.

Take some olive oil to grease the cork fabric once a month. As a result, the cork remains smooth and cracking can be prevented.

If you have sewn your fabric espadrilles, you should use a cleaning brush to remove dust and dirt. For the removal of stains or debris it is recommended to apply cleaning foam. The fabric should dry completely after cleaning. You should not expose colored or dark fabrics to direct sunlight, otherwise the colors will fade.

How to clean the inside of the shoe

There is also dirt inside the shoe. Here it is recommended to beat the dust out after wearing. Also use a shoe deo from time to time. With the help of shoe deodorants unpleasant odors can be neutralized and shoe hygiene promoted. Especially for the summer an ideal accessory.

Collonil has compiled a YouTube summary of how to clean and care for your DIY espadrilles.

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