About Palomaar

My homage to the espadrilles

At some point in April 2018, I bought some pretty espadrilles. After a short wearing have scrubbed the extremely on the heel. Waste disposal was out of the question, so I thought about what I can do with it. I still had some fabric and wanted to create my own espadrilles. You must know, I’m a big espadrille fan !! First of all, I broke them down into pieces to understand the DNA of such a shoe. I wanted to know more about these shoes and their history.

When disassembling, I found that these were no real espadrilles. Original espadrilles are made entirely of jute, the soles are made by hand and come from France and Spain. But what I had in front of me, totally disappointed me. These were complete fake espadrilles, where only the outer edge was glued with a braided jute tape. The rest was a plastic sole. In addition still Made in China. An absolute no-go. What I had in my hand had nothing to do with the espadrilles I wanted to wear.

Nevertheless, I did it myself to copy the pattern and process the fabric. The result was not very good, the shoe did not fit. But, my interest was aroused! I wanted to make my own shoes. Shoes that fit and are made from authentic and natural products. So began the search for suitable fabrics, cuts, yarns, needles, and of course the soles. Over time, the realization developed that not only I have this need for self-designed and self-made shoes. So I decided to start Palomaar to give you this experience as well. Then „only“ had to get the website – and since then there is Palomaar.

Palomaar – design the shoe you love is for kids, girls, mothers, aunts, godmothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, the joy of doing it yourself and homemade and share this joy with loved ones would like.

Sustainability, authenticity and Made in Europe are very important to me. In close cooperation with German professionals in shoe production, various shoe models have been and are being developed. The original soles are produced in Spain, yarns and needles come from Europe.

My homage to handcrafts

Even as a child I came in with the sewing and handicraft in general Contact. During school holidays, Granny Uschi showed me how to do it Potholder crochets. From my grandmother Elfriede I always have myself get knitted cuffs. I still have one pair, the hats I like my eyeball.

When I visited my girlfriend, her mom often sat at the sewing machine. As master tailor she sewed great things for herself and her daughter. I sat there spellbound and allowed to look over her shoulder. I was fascinated by how fast everything went and just looked. Together with her I used a sewing machine for the first time. Under her eyes, I made my first crooked seam. For me a complete success.

At some point I got a sewing machine from my Omi Uschi and tried it. It was not that easy. Compared to today, there was not so much support for young people to learn sewing. Over time, this hobby became more and more forgotten and rested many years.

In between I crocheted and knitted. My problem with this is that you have to start the winter stuff in the summer if you want to be ready on time. To knit in the summer heat with a thick ball of wool on my lap did not irritate me so much. On the other hand, it always takes so long for the knitted part to be ready. And then the mesh counting – well, not mine.

One day, the old sewing machine of my grandmother came back into my hands and was immediately activated. I had to learn a lot again, but the sewing, fabric selection, design selection, etc. were immediately a lot of fun. My passion was awakened again. And so I sewed a few years for myself and friends bags, skirts, dresses, scarves, hats, etc. In between, I may also patch the battered motocross equipment of my husband 😉

My homage to all woman in my family

With a lot of passion, for love of home-made and natural materials, we have developed Palomaar. Thanks to the patience of my grandmothers, I have found access to manual labor. Special thanks go to my dear Mama, on whose support I can rely 100% in all circumstances.

Thanks to the women Palomaar has become a reality in my family – Palomaar is dedicated to them.