DIY Espadrilles size guide

Our size guide for your DIY espadrilles will help you to determine the right size to order your sole. The right shoe size is important because we have such a good grip and feel comfortable in our shoes. That’s why we’ll explain how to quickly and easily determine the perfect size for the soles of your DIY Espadrilles in a few easy steps.

DIY Espadrilles: how to measure your foot length correctly

In a first step you determine your foot length, because this is the basis for determining the shoe size. Since the feet are shaped differently, always measure both feet.

To determine the right size, first measure your foot length from the biggest toe to the heel. Alternatively, you can trace the contours of the foot on a sheet of paper to measure the length. Make sure that your toes are stretched.

Surely you have already heard that the feet can expand during the day and in the evening can push. That’s correct, so the right time for the measurement is at the earliest in the afternoon. Because the feet increase in volume during the day due to the strain, you should not take the measurement in the morning. By measuring in the evening you are on the safe side, that you also get the correct mass and safe readings.

In unserem YouTube Tutorial zur DIY Espadrilles Größenberatung sieht du ebenfalls, wie du deine Fusslänge richtig misst.

DIY Espadrilles: Size Chart Ladies

To determine your shoe size, turn to the shoe size chart (below) for the larger of the two feet.

Add 1.5 cm, so that the feet have enough space when unrolling. Finally, you get the required sole length.

Finally, use the chart to determine the correct shoe size to order the sole.

foot lenght (mm) sole lenght (mm) shoe size (EU)
232 247 37
238 253 38
245 260 39
252 267 40
258 273 41

Getting started!