DIY Espadrilles

DIY Espadrilles: Design the shoe you love

Become a shoe designer! With Palomaar you design your Espadrilles and make them yourself. You get everything you need to sew your DIY espadrilles. Each sewing kit includes a pair of soles, pins, sewing needle, pattern and instructions. In addition, you choose your fabric, the yarn in the color of your choice and other appliques.

You can give your espadrilles your distinctive design with different fabric combinations, yarn colors and ornaments!

The large selection of fabrics, yarns and ornaments gives you more than 2,000 possible combinations.

Design the shoe you love

Getting started!

DIY Espadrilles: how does it work

Just a few steps to your individual shoe!

First, you choose your desired model of Espadrilles. There are various shoe models and sole types available. Thus, you can choose between a flat sole (about 1.5cm high), and a plateau sole (about 3.5cm high).

Once you have selected the model and sole, you decide on a fabric in the next step. You can choose from a variety of cork fabrics and imitation leather fabrics in a variety of designs and colors. The great thing is that you do not need a sewing machine for the processing of imitation leather! You can get started right away and sew your espadrilles practically anywhere.

Furthermore, you can choose from various cotton fabrics, which can be combined very well with each other.

Finally, you put the yarn color a real highlight. Since classic espadrilles are usually sewn with a yarn in natural color, Palomaar offers you eight different colors to choose from. Likewise, all thread colors are perfect to combine with the fabrics.

Suitable for all sewing levels

If you think you can not sew, calm down. Because, for sewing your DIY espadrilles you do not need a sewing machine and no special sewing skills. If you opt for imitation leather, or cork, you do not need to process the fabric. Sewing the fabric to the sole is done easily by hand.

A sewing machine is useful for processing the cotton fabric, but sewing could also be done by hand. Sewing requires only a few stitches.

Also included in your sewing kit is a detailed step-by-step guide.

Sewing your DIY Espadrilles is very good as a beginner project, if you always wanted to start sewing!

Suitable for all foot shapes

You have the opportunity to customize the pattern of your DIY Espadrilles perfectly to your foot shape! Whether you have narrow or wide feet, in a few steps you have adapted the pattern. Again, you do not need any special knowledge. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to do it.

On my Youtube channel, I’ll show you how to easily make your espadrilles.

Getting started!

DIY Espadrilles: Inspirations